Where will I get counseling?

You can go to any counselor you feel comfortable with who will help you with the difficult process of recovery. Counseling is an important part of recovery and is necessary while being on Suboxone. If you are unable to obtain a counselor, it is acceptable to engage 12-step or faith-based counseling. Your physician can help direct you to the appropriate setting.

How often do I come to the doctor?

If you are in good standing in the program (not using illegal drugs, going to counseling, following up regularly) you can usually come monthly. If you are having trouble, you may be required to come bi-monthly.

How long should I take Suboxone?

That is a difficult question to answer as each patient has a unique set of circumstances. Some patients can do well with a few months and others require several years for optimal benefit. You will need to discuss this with your physician based on your prognosis.

I work. What if I can’t come to the doctor?

Here at ATS clinic, we are open every day including weekends and holidays and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. We have morning, afternoon, and evening appointments available.

Will I be drug tested?

Yes, at every visit. Abstaining from other illegal drugs is integral to recovery. Also, it is dangerous to mix drugs.